By: Edward Egros

VIDEO: Superagent Leigh Steinberg on the Changes in NFL Draft Strategy

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Superagent Leigh Steinberg has had to keep up with a lot of trends within football and the NFL Draft so he'll know how to best represent his clients. Among the lessons learned is how athletes can best stand out, especially if they play a position that many teams want to draft. He's also learned how running backs can become more valuable, even though the sport has evolved more towards the pass. Here, we go over these and many more trends.

VIDEO: Gil Brandt on Draft Strategy

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Gil Brandt has been analyzing the NFL Draft for more than half a century. He's seen different approaches by different teams, all trying to supplement their teams. Brandt was one of the first to use a computer to evaluate and rank players, and says with the analytical revolutions that have been going on in football, there's a reminder to all teams never to draft just to address a need. He explains how to win the NFL Draft.

VIDEO: KenPom Application

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As the NCAA Tournament nears its end, did we learn anything about the state of college basketball? Should we expect more volatility in the future? SMU men's basketball coach Tim Jankovich joined me to discuss these issues and his own team, how analytics highlighted how unlucky last season was for him and when he expects the Mustangs to return to the Big Dance.

VIDEO: Winning Your NCAA Tournament Pool

Pasted Graphic 1It's an annual tradition by many college basketball fans: use what knowledge you have to fill out your NCAA Tournament bracket, randomly lose to someone who might know a lot less about the sport, but then proceed to burn your bracket ritualistically.

Regardless of how many games you may have watched this season, there are actually statistical trends with tournament pools that have proven to increase your chances of climbing the leaderboard. Nothing is guaranteed, but the math shows these tips should help your chances.

VIDEO: 2017 College Football Predictions Week 14

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It's essentially the final weekend of the regular season in college football. Not only do we offer predictions for the week, we also project how it will affect the College Football Playoff, and if the committee will stick to its outlined rules.