By: Edward Egros


VIDEO: Superagent Leigh Steinberg on the Changes in NFL Draft Strategy

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Superagent Leigh Steinberg has had to keep up with a lot of trends within football and the NFL Draft so he'll know how to best represent his clients. Among the lessons learned is how athletes can best stand out, especially if they play a position that many teams want to draft. He's also learned how running backs can become more valuable, even though the sport has evolved more towards the pass. Here, we go over these and many more trends.

VIDEO: 1-on-1 with Superagent Leigh Steinberg

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Sports agent Leigh Steinberg has represented hundreds of athletes throughout his 41-year career. He is in Dallas to promote an event to groom the next generation of sports agents. In our conversation, we talked about the industry and how analytics have changed the game for agents, as well as players and teams.