By: Edward Egros

April 2017

The Numbers Behind Hitchcock's Return to Dallas

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The Dallas Stars are bringing back a familiar face, hiring Ken Hitchcock for a second tenure as their head coach. As with all head coaching changes, the team isn't just changing a person, it's changing a philosophy.

Its last coach, Lindy Ruff, was an offense first person, and that is not a "bad" philosophy. As we've shown in our research, hockey teams can win emphasizing offense. But with so many injuries last season to forwards and not having necessary backups to win low-scoring games, the Stars are now emphasizing defense.

Ken Hitchcock does just that.

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What is Good Team Chemistry, Anyway?

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We wrap up our unofficial series on the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference discussing something that may not seem analytical at all: team chemistry. What are the intangibles that make players work better together, how do you quantify and recognize the unspoken communication between athletes and how can a team maximize its chemistry by finding the right combination of people?

To explain the theories behind quantifying team chemistry, I spoke to one of the study's authors, Kevin Roberts, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

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