By: Edward Egros


Analytics and the Media

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As analytics continue to dig deeper into the trends of sports, the media must also keep up with how these tools are used and what they mean. There is an intelligence the media must respect when it comes to what the audience can process, but also strike that balance with those who may not care about quantitative measures. Reporters must also be more mindful of these tools so they can find the best ways to convey this information for the biggest impact.

To discuss these issues and so much more, I was recently part of a media panel with other writers and broadcasters at
SportCon, a sports analytics conference put on by Minneanalytics in Minneapolis. Leading the panel is Sean Aronson with the St. Paul Saints, Amy Zellmer, author of the book: "Life with a Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding the Road Back to Normal" and finally Mike Berardino, a baseball writer for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

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