By: Edward Egros


Fantasy Football Tips & Trends

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Pro football players have already started preparing for the upcoming NFL season, months before games actually begin. Fantasy football players are no different. The most prepared are keeping up with training camps across the country, projecting performances for key skill players and maybe even assembling personal draft boards.

Daily fantasy sports may be less accessible and popular within the last couple of years, but there are signs season-long fantasy football has a more rabid following than ever before. After a couple of years of getting shut down, the
National Fantasy Football Convention finally got off the ground this July in Dallas. I was fortunate enough to speak at a panel at the conference, devoted to the analytics of fantasy football. Also on this panel are: George Kondraske, a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, Jon Hartley, an economics contributor for Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post, and Troy Brazell, CEO of Optima Sports Analytics.

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Hockey Analytics

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Hockey is fast and physical, but slow and passive when it comes to adopting more analytics. At least that was the case during the sports analytic revolution of the 2000s. Now, the majority of NHL teams employ someone with an analytic slant. It's also becoming easier for the fan to recognize trends and put together more educated predictions.

My guest is Carolyn Wilke, Managing Editor of Today's Snapshot and a statistical consultant for the NWHL. You can follow her on twitter

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