By: Edward Egros

Analytics in Sports Marketing

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While much of my work and this website is devoted to sports analytics from performance, the marketing industry also uses similar tools to promote their teams, leagues and venues. By finding trends within data, marketers are in a better position to maximize profit through creating the best product fans are likeliest to spend their money on.

I emceed a sports marketing conference on behalf of Hispanic Communicators of DFW. The panelists are: Javier Villalobos with Sports Marketing Monterrey, Jason Hines with Red Bull, Gregg Elkin with Texas Motor Speedway, Chris Yates with Huddle Productions, Erin Finegold with the Dallas Mavericks and Carmen Branch with the March of Dimes. This group discussed how they use analytics in their work, as well as other pressing issues within their industry.

To watch a recording of this conference,
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(Please note, the first three videos are of the conference)