By: Edward Egros

Cowboys at Bears Preview

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The Cowboys are 6-6 for the fifth time in franchise history. Only the 1999 team made the playoffs.

The Bears are 6-6 for the ninth time in franchise history. None of those previous teams made the playoffs.

Since 1990, when playoff formats were last tinkered with, 35/121 teams that started 6-6 made the playoffs with 12 of them having won the division.

The Cowboys are 7-6 against the Bears on the road with a 2-2 record in prime time.

The Cowboys are 4-2 against the Bears in December with a 2-1 record on the road.


Prescott has the most play-action passing yards in the NFL with 1,031.

Prescott has the eighth-most passing yards off run-pass option with 308.

Prescott has 2.6 seconds in the pocket, tied for the third-most in the NFL.

Prescott and Tom Brady have had the most passes dropped this season with 26.

Prescott leads the NFL with on target throws at 351.

Prescott has benefited from 1,492 yards after the catch, the seventh-most in the NFL.

Prescott’s intended air yards per pass attempt are the fifth-highest in the NFL at 9.3

Prescott is one of eight quarterbacks who has thrown at least 40 red zone passes without an interception.

Prescott is tied with Brady, Russell Wilson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jacoby Brissett, and Andy Dalton for the fourth-most red zone rushing touchdowns by a quarterback with three.

Prescott is tied with Deshaun Watson and Kirk Cousins for the third-most passing touchdowns in the league with 23

Prescott is tied with Daniel Jones and Ryan Fitzpatrick for the sixth-most interceptions with 11.

Prescott’s 8.5 yards per pass attempt is tied with Patrick Mahomes and Kirk Cousins for the third-most in the NFL.

Prescott has the absolute highest passing yards per game at 315.7.

Prescott has thrown the fourth-most third down conversions with 51.

Prescott and Brady are the only quarterbacks this season to have started every game since Week 1 yet failed to execute either a game-winning drive or fourth quarter comeback.


Trubisky is tied for the second-lowest time in the pocket at 2.3 seconds.

Trubisky is tied with Jameis Winston and Jimmy Garoppolo for the ninth-most passes dropped in the league with 19.

Trubisky’s 84.4 passer rating is the sixth-lowest among quarterbacks who have started at least 10 games.

Among quarterbacks who have started at least 10 games, Trubisky’s 199.6 yards per game are the fewest in the league.

Trubisky’s 6.1 yards per pass attempt is the absolute lowest in the league.

Trubisky, Jared Goff, and Kyler Murray are the only quarterbacks this season to have started at least 11 games yet not reached 15 passing touchdowns.

Among quarterbacks with at least 50 third down passes, Trubisky’s 68.2 passer rating is the sixth-lowest in the NFL.

Trubisky is tied with Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, Gardner Minshew, and Mason Rudolph for the ninth-most interceptions thrown on third down with three.

Trubisky has taken the second-most sacks on third down with 15.

Trubisky is one of 10 quarterbacks this year to have at least two game-winning drives and two fourth quarter comebacks.


Elliott’s seven rushing touchdowns are tied with Josh Jacobs, Nick Chubb, and Lamar Jackson for the eighth-most in the NFL.

Elliott’s 82.5 rushing yards per game are the seventh-most in the NFL.

Among rushers with at least 900 rushing yards, Elliott’s 30-yard run against the Bills is the lowest of all. Second-lowest is a 47-yard run from Lamar Jackson.

Elliott’s 54 first downs rushing are the fourth-most overall.

Elliott’s 527 yards before contact are the third-most in the league.

Elliott has gained 463 yards after contact, the seventh-most overall.

Elliott is tied with Josh Jacobs for the eighth-most red zone rushing touchdowns with seven.

The Bears were the first team that Elliott hurdled on Sept. 25, 2016, on Sunday Night Football.

Elliott has taken the most red zone rushing attempts in the NFL with 46.


This is the 41st week of Garrett’s career that the Cowboys have been in undisputed first place in the NFC East.

Garrett is 11/21 when it comes to snapping a team out of a losing streak.

Garrett’s 21-16 December record contains the second-most such wins in club history:

Tom Landry: 63-43-1
Jason Garrett: 21-16
Jimmy Johnson: 13-7
Bill Parcells: 8-9
Barry Switzer: 7-8
Wade Phillips: 5-7
Dave Campo: 4-9
Chan Gailey: 3-5

Garrett is 13-8 on the road in December. Here is how that compares to other Cowboys head coaches:

Landry: 28-22-1
Garrett: 13-8
Johnson: 6-5
Parcells: 5-5
Phillips: 4-4
Switzer: 4-4
Campo: 1-6
Gailey: 0-4

Garrett is 2-2 against the Bears. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys head coaches:
Tom Landry: 8-6
Jimmy Johnson: 2-0
Bill Parcells: 1-0
Jason Garrett: 2-2
Wade Phillips: 1-1
Barry Switzer: 1-1
Chan Gailey: 0-1

Garrett’s 2-2 record against the Bears is his third-best against an NFC North opponent:
Lions: 4-2
Vikings: 2-1
Bears: 2-2
Packers: 1-6

Garrett is 9-12 against the NFC North with a 4-4 record on the road.

Garrett’s 4-4 road record against the NFC North is his second-best against a non-NFC East division:
NFC West: 6-5
NFC North: 4-4
NFC South: 3-7

Garrett is 23/44 on challenges for his career with a 2/3 rate in 2019.

Garrett is 0/1 on pass interference challenges and has not challenged one since Week 5.


Nagy is facing the Cowboys for the first time. Only 3/9 of Bears head coaches since 1960 have defeated the Cowboys in their first meeting: George Halas, Dave Wannstedt, and Marc Trestman.

Nagy is 2-2 against the NFC East with a 1-0 record at home.

Nagy is 4-3 in prime time games with a 3-1 record at home.

Nagy is 2-1 on Thursdays with an 0-1 record at home.

Nagy has a 4-7 record against playoff-winning coaches with a 3-3 record at home.

Nagy is 2/6 on challenges for his career with a 2/3 rate in 2019.

Nagy has not challenged anything related to pass interference this season.


The Cowboys have never lost a Thursday night game broadcast on NFL Network (5-0), though they have lost three Saturday night games (4-3).

Dallas is 139-125 all-time on FOX, including postseason.

The Cowboys are 40-44 when Joe Buck does play-by-play for their games.

Dallas is 46-50 when Troy Aikman does color commentary for their games.


The Cowboys have had the rookie referee once already this season. In Week 6, the Cowboys had Rogers as they lost 24-22 at the New York Jets. The Cowboys had fewer penalties: 9/68 to 8/105.

Rogers is tied for the third-lowest home team winning percentage in the NFL:
Alex Kemp: .667
Brad Allen: .636
Carl Cheffers: .636
John Hussey: .636
Ron Torbert: .636
Clete Blakeman: .546
Tony Corrente: .546
Scott Novak: .500
Jerome Boger: .500
Walt Anderson: .500
Shawn Smith: .500
Bill Vinovich: .455
Craig Wrolstad: .455
Adrian Hill: .455
Brad Rogers: .455
Shawn Hochuli: .364
Clay Martin: .333

Rogers is in the middle of the pack in terms of the percentage of home teams having fewer penalties:
Scott Novak: .833
Clay Martin: .667
Clete Blakeman: .636
Tony Corrente: .636
Shawn Smith: .583
Alex Kemp: .583
Brad Rogers: .546
John Hussey: .546
Ron Torbert: .546
Craig Wrolstad: .546
Brad Allen: .546
Adrian Hill: .546
Jerome Boger: .500
Bill Vinovich: .455
Walt Anderson: .417
Carl Cheffers: .364
Shawn Hochuli: .364

Rogers has also worked a Bears game earlier this season. In Week 8, Rogers refereed the Chargers-Bears game at Solider Field in which Chicago lost 17-16. The Bears had fewer penalties: 5/42 to 8/53.

Rogers’ games are also average in terms of sacks per game:
Vinovich: 6.8
Smith: 6.5
Hill: 6.4
Anderson; 6.3
Allen: 5.6
Corrente: 5.6
Kemp: 5.5
Martin: 5.3
Boger: 5.2
Cheffers: 5.2
Rogers: 5.0
Novak: 4.8
Wrolstad: 4.4
Blakeman: 4.2
Hussey: 4.1
Torbert : 4.1
Hochuli: 3.5

Rogers calls the third-most offensive holding penalties this season:
Cheffers: 4.9
Torbert: 4.1
Rogers: 3.7
Corrente: 3.6
Anderson: 3.5
Hochuli: 3.4
Kemp: 3.4
Boger: 3.3
Hill: 3.3
Allen: 3.2
Wrolstad: 3.1
Blakeman: 3
Smith: 2.7
Martin: 2.5
Novak: 2.3
Hussey: 2.1
Vinovich: 1.7

Rogers has the fifth-lowest challenge overturn rate in the NFL:
Blakeman: .692 (9/13)
Kemp: .600 (6/10)
Novak: .546 (6/11)
Cheffers: .500 (3/6)
Smith: .429 (3/7)
Torbert : .429 (3/7)
Vinovich: .429 (6/14)
Anderson: .429 (6/14)
Corrente: .375 (3/8)
Hill: .375 (3/8)
Hussey: .364 (4/11)
Boger: .333 (3/9)
Rogers: .250 (2/8)
Allen: .214 (3/14)
Martin: .154 (2/13)
Hochuli: .143 (1/7)
Wrolstad: .100 (1/10)

Pass interference challenges:
Cheffers: 1.000 (1/1)
Anderson: .400 (2/5)
Vinovich: .400 (2/5)
Hill: .333 (1/3)
Kemp: .200 (1/5)
Blakeman; .000 (0/2)
Boger: .000 (0/2)
Novak: .000 (0/2)
Smith: .000 (0/2)
Torbert : .000 (0/3)
Corrente: .000 (0/3)
Hussey; .000 (0/3)
Wrolstad: .000 (0/4)
Hochuli: .000 (0/4)
Rogers: .000 (0/4)
Allen: .000 (0/8)
Martin: .000 (0/8)

Rogers teaches at both Lubbock Christian and Texas Tech in Lubbock, where he resides.

Rogers has officiating experience in the Southeastern Conference and Conference USA.


Bears wideout Allen Robinson is tied with Jarvis Landry for the ninth-most targets in the NFL with 108.

Robinson is ninth in the NFL with 71 catches.

Dallas receiver Amari Cooper has the fifth-most receiving yards with 971.

Cooper is tied with Mike Evans, Darren Fells, Austin Ekeler, and Mark Andrews for the fifth-most receiving touchdowns with seven.

Cooper has the ninth-highest yards per target in the league at 10.6.

Cooper’s 80.9 receiving yards per game are the sixth-highest in the NFL.

The last time the Cowboys went four games without procuring a takeaway was from Weeks 3-7 of 2015 when they failed to get takeaways against the Falcons, Saints, Patriots, and Giants.

The Cowboys are tied with the Colts for the 16th-most sacks in the NFL with 32.

Dallas is tied with the Jets for the 10th-most quarterback hits with 73.

The Bears defense has the ninth-lowest opposing passer rating overall at 86.4.

Dallas is tied with the Jets for the 12th-fewest pass breakups with 50.

The Cowboys defense has the absolute fewest interceptions in the NFL with four.

Chicago is tied for the eighth-fewest interceptions overall with eight.

The Bears defense gives up the third-lowest yards per completion at 10.1.

Chicago’s defense is tied with the Texans for the sixth-lowest tackles for loss with 43.

Chicago’s defense gives up the seventh-fewest rushing yards per game at 97.5.

The Bears defense is tied with the Rams for the third-lowest yards per carry at 3.7.

The Bears defense gives up the fourth-fewest points per game at 17.3.

The Dallas defense gives up the eighth-fewest points per game at 19.7.

Strangely, the Dallas defense has the third-lowest third down conversion rate in the league at 32.5%.

Opponents are starting at their own 31-yard line against the Bears, the second-best field position in the league.

Bears linebacker Khalil Mack is tied with T.J. Watt and Chandler Jones for the second-most forced fumbles with five.

Cowboys defensive end Robert Quinn is tied for the ninth-most sacks in the league with 9.5.

Dallas linebacker Jaylon Smith has the fourth-most tackles in the NFL with 112.

The Bears have given up the fifth-most receptions to tight ends with 70.

The Cowboys are 4-1 on Dec. 5. Here are the results:
1965 – @PHI, 21-19 – W
1976 – @PHI, 26-7 – W
1982 – @WAS, 24-10 – W
1999 – @NE, 6-13 – L
2010 – @CLT, 38-35 – W-OT

The Bears are on Dec. 5. Here are the results:
1920 – @CRD, 10-0 – W
1925 – @Frankford Yellow Jackets, 14-7 – W
1937 – @CRD, 42-28 – W
1948 – @DET, 42-14 – W
1954 – @CRD, 29-7 – W
1964 – GB, 3-17 – L
1965 – @CLT, 13-0 – W
1970 – @MIN, 13-16 – L
1971 – @DEN, 3-6 – L
1976 – @SEA, 34-7 – W
1982 – NE, 26-13 – W
1988 – @RAM, 3-23 – L
1993 – GB, 30-17 – W
1999 – GB, 19-35 – L
2004 – MIN, 24-14 – W
2010 – @DET, 24-20 – W

The Cowboys have two birthdays to celebrate on Dec. 5:
1959 – Vince Courville, WR, 1987
1987 – Kevin Ogletree, WR, 2009-12

The Cowboys also have three deaths to remember on Dec. 5. The first is LB Mike Dowdle, who played for the club from 1960-62 and died in 1993. The second is DB Otto Brown, who played in 1969 and died in 2006. The third is “Dandy” Don Meredith, who played quarterback for Dallas from 1960-68 and died in 2010.