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Packers at Cowboys Preview

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This is the 23rd time the Cowboys have started 3-1. 16/22 of those previous teams won the playoffs with 11/16 of those teams having won the division.

This is the 29th time the Packers have started 3-1. 14/28 of those previous teams made the postseason.

Since 1990, when playoff formats were last tinkered with, 145/226 teams that started 3-1 made the playoffs with 90/145 playoff qualifiers winning the division.

Since 1970, the Cowboys are 166-120 in late afternoon games with a 107-56 record at home.

Since 1970, the Packers are 69-66-1 in late afternoon games with a 35-48-1 record on the road.

The Cowboys are 128-110-2 in October all-time with a 74-40-1 record at home.

The Cowboys are 6-7 in late afternoon games with the Packers.

The Cowboys are 4-7 against the Packers in October.

Dallas is 12-8 against Green Bay at home, including playoffs. Here is the breakdown by venue:
Cotton Bowl: 1-3
Texas Stadium: 11-2
AT&T Stadium: 0-3

This is the fifth time the Cowboys and Packers will meet with the same record. Dallas has prevailed 4/4 times.


Prescott has a 113.7 passer rating, 9.0 yards per pass attempt, and taken three sacks. Through four games last season, Prescott had an 85.2 passer rating, 6.6 yards per attempt, and taken 14 sacks.

Prescott is tied with Jameis Winston, Carson Wentz, and Matthew Stafford the most touchdown passes in the NFL with nine.

Prescott’s 9.0 yards per pass attempt is the second-highest in the NFL. Only Patrick Mahomes’ 9.7 is better.

Prescott’s 113.7 passer rating is the third-highest in the NFL among starting quarterbacks who have played since Week 1.

Prescott’s three sacks are tied with Tom Brady for the fewest among quarterbacks who have started every game since Week 1.

Prescott leads the NFL in air yards per pass attempt at 5.6.

Prescott has the third-highest air yards per completion in the NFL at 7.8.

Among quarterbacks who have started every game since Week 1, Prescott is tied for the third-fewest hurried throws in the NFL with 11.

Prescott’s average depth of target is 9.6 yards, the seventh-highest in the NFL.

Prescott’s 50 passes for first downs are tied with Andy Dalton for the ninth-highest in the NFL.

Prescott’s passes have been dropped seven times, tied for the eighth-highest in the NFL.

Among quarterbacks who have started every game since Week 1, Prescott’s been blitzed 29 times, tied for the second-fewest in the NFL.

Prescott is tied for the third-most red zone touchdowns in the NFL with five.

Prescott has a 73.3 completion percentage in the red zone. Among quarterbacks with at least 10 passes, Derek Carr has a higher percentage at 78.6%.

Prescott is now 7/16 in completing a fourth quarter comeback.


Rodgers is tied with Russell Wilson, Jacoby Brissett, and Patrick Mahomes for the 14th-most third down conversions by pass with 14.

Among quarterbacks with at least 25 third down passes, Rodgers has the 16th-highest third down passer rating at 82.8.

Rodgers has the ninth-most throws on first down with 58.

On Dec. 25, 2011, Rodgers posted a 142.7 passer rating against the Bears in a 35-21 win. The passer rating was the highest against Rod Marinelli in his time in Chicago. The five touchdowns were also the most against a Marinelli-led defense in that span. Overall, Rodgers is 12-2 against Marinelli.


Elliott is tied with Carson Wentz for the most third down conversion runs with six.

With a minimum of five rushing attempts, Elliott has the highest yards per carry on third down at 9.3.

Elliott has the second-highest third down rushing yards in the NFL with 56, bested only by Dak Prescott’s 57.

Elliott has the fifth-highest yards before contact in the league at 176.

Among running backs with at least 70 carries, Elliott is tied with Marlon Mack for the fewest broken tackles with two.

Elliott is tied for the third-most rushing attempts on first down with 49.

Elliott is tied with Christian McCaffrey for the 14th-highest yards per carry on first down at 3.9.

Elliott has the ninth-highest first downs rushing on first down with five.

Elliott is tied for the 10th-most second conversions by rush in the NFL with eight.

With at least 15 attempts, Elliott has the seventh-highest yards per carry on second down with 4.53.


Garrett is 1-5 against the Packers. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys head coaches:

Barry Switzer: 6-1
Chan Gailey: 1-0
Jimmy Johnson: 2-2
Wade Phillips: 2-2
Tom Landry: 5-8
Jason Garrett: 1-5
Bill Parcells: 0-1

When coaching against playoff-winning quarterbacks, Garrett is 33-38 and currently on a four-game winning streak.

Garrett is 11-14 against rookie coaches with a 7-8 record at home.

Garrett is 8-10 against the NFC North with a 6-5 record at home.

Garrett’s 6-5 home record against the NFC North is his best compared to the rest of the conference:
NFC North: 6-5
NFC South: 5-4
NFC West: 3-5

Garrett is 21/37 in preventing a losing streak.

The Packers are 1/5 teams that Garrett has defeated both as a player and as a head coach. The other four teams are the Giants, Cardinals, Panthers, and Washington.


LaFleur is facing the Cowboys for the first time. Here is how other Packers coaches fared in their initial encounters with Dallas:
Vince Lombardi: 1-0
Phil Bengtson: 1-0
Dan Devine: 1-0
Bart Starr: 1-0
Forrest Gregg: 0-1
Lindy Infante: 1-0
Mike Holmgren: 0-1
Ray Rhodes: 0-1
Mike Sherman: 1-0
Mike McCarthy: 0-1

LaFleur is the first Packers rookie coach to face the Cowboys since Bart Starr in 1975, who defeat Dallas on the road 19-17 for his first career win.

LaFleur joins Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, and Ray Rhodes as the only Packers coaches to lead the club to a 3-1 start.

Among the rookie coach class of 2019, LaFleur and the Bears’ Vic Fangio are the only two who had playoff-winning quarterbacks on the roster.

LaFleur is the fifth consecutive Packers head coach to inherit a Super Bowl-winning starting quarterback.

The Packers are tied with the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Texans for the 13th-fewest penalties in the NFL with 28.

The Packers have the 11th-highest red zone conversion rate in the NFL at 64.3%.

Green Bay has the sixth-worst third-down conversion rate in the NFL at 31.9%.

LaFleur has won challenges 2/5 times. He is 0/2 when challenging pass interference.

Thus far, LaFleur is 1-0 against playoff-winning coaches with that win coming against Mike Zimmer in Week 2. Jason Garrett is his first road test. On the 2019 slate, presuming none get replaced by interims, LaFleur is set to have five more games after Week 5 against playoff-winning coaches.

LaFleur is an alumnus of Saginaw Valley State, same as Cowboys safety Jeff Heath.


Sunday will mark the 15th time that FOX has broadcast a game in this series. Here is how their number, adjusted for Sunday, compares to the other networks that have telecast Dallas-Green Bay:

CBS: 18
FOX: 15
NBC: 2
ABC: 1

Dallas is 138-123 all-time on FOX, including postseason.

The Cowboys are 40-42 when Joe Buck does play-by-play for their games.

Dallas is 46-48 when Troy Aikman does color commentary for their games.

Pat Summerall called the most games in the series with 10 total with his first game being the 1967 NFL Championship, otherwise known as the “Ice Bowl.” Troy Aikman on Sunday will become the second with nine.


This week’s referee is Ron Torbert. The Cowboys have a 2-2 record in his games:

2015 – CAR, 14-33 – L
2016 – NYG, 19-20 – L
2017 – @SF, 40-10 – W
2018 – WAS, 31-23 – W

Dallas has never had fewer penalties than the opposition in all four of his games:

2015 – CAR: 8/53; DAL: 8/40
2016 – NYG: 4/40; DAL: 6/50
2017 – SF: 2/22; DAL: 5/36
2018 – WAS: 4/25; DAL: 4/30

Torbert is tied for the sixth-highest home team winning percentage in the NFL:
John Hussey: .750
Brad Rogers: .667
Clete Blakeman: .667
Brad Allen: .667
Scott Novak: .625
Ron Torbert: .500
Alex Kemp: .500
Carl Cheffers: .500
Walt Anderson: .500
Bill Vinovich: .500
Craig Wrolstad: .500
Adrian Hill: .333
Jerome Boger: .333
Shawn Hochuli: .250
Shawn Smith: .250
Tony Corrente: .000
Clay Martin: .000

Torbert’s games are second-highest for the home team winning the penalty battle: Scott Novak: 1.000
Ron Torbert: .750
Shawn Hochuli: .750
John Hussey: .750
Alex Kemp: .750
Bill Vinovich: .750
Clete Blakeman: .667
Jerome Boger: .667
Tony Corrente: .500
Walt Anderson: .500
Clay Martin: .500
Shawn Smith: .500
Brad Allen: .333
Carl Cheffers: .250
Adrian Hill: .000
Brad Rogers: .000
Craig Wrolstad: .000

The Packers are 2-2 with Torbert. Here are the results:
2016 – @CHI, 30-27 – W
2017 – @MIN, 10-23 – L
2018 – @RAM, 27-29 – L
2018 – @NYJ, 44-38 – W-OT

The Packers have had fewer penalties with Torbert 2/4 times:
2016 – CHI: 6/40; GNB: 8/64
2017 – MIN: 7/65; GNB: 8/92
2018 – RAM: 2/15; GNB: 2/10
2018 – NYJ: 16/172; GNB: 10/86

Torbert’s games have featured the absolute fewest sacks per game through four weeks:
Vinovich: 7.8
Rogers: 7.0
Allen: 6.7
Corrente: 5.8
Smith: 5.8
Hill: 5.0
Hochuli: 5.0
Novak: 5.0
Wrolstad: 4.8
Hussey: 4.8
Boger: 4.7
Cheffers: 4.5
Martin: 4.5
Anderson: 4.3
Blakeman: 4.0
Kemp: 3.8
Torbert: 3.0

Torbert calls the third-highest offensive holding calls in the NFL:
Allen: 5.7
Cheffers: 5.5
Torbert: 5
Hochuli: 4.8
Corrente: 4.5
Kemp: 4.3
Anderson: 3.8
Hill: 3.6
Novak: 3.5
Hussey : 3.3
Boger: 3.3
Rogers: 3.0
Wrolstad: 3.0
Blakeman: 2.7
Martin: 2.5
Smith: 1.8
Vinovich: 1.5

The Cowboys are 0/1 on challenges under Torbert while opponents are 1/1. Replay Assistant has yet to challenge one of Torbert’s calls.

The Packers are 1/2 on challenges under Torbert while opponents are 1/1. Replay Assistant has not been a factor.

Torbert is one of six referees to not overturn a challenge in 2019:
Allen: .667 (2/3)
Hochuli: .500 (1/2)
Corrente: .500 (2/4)
Anderson: .500 (1/2)
Blakeman: .500 (1/2)
Kemp: .500 (1/2)
Novak: .500 (1/2)
Vinovich: .429 (3/7)
Hussey: .400 (2/5)
Rogers: .250 (1/4)
Cheffers: .333 (1/3)
Hill: .000 (0/1)
Smith: .000 (0/2)
Boger: .000 (0/2)
Wrolstad: .000 (0/3)
Torbert: .000 (0/3)
Martin: .000 (0/4)

Torbert has been challenged twice relative to pass interference calls/no-calls. Here are the results and how they fare with his peers (where applicable):
Cheffers: 1.000 (1/1)
Vinovich: .400 (2/5)
Wrolstad: .000 (0/1)
Smith: .000 (0/1)
Novak: .000 (0/1)
Allen: .000 (0/1)
Boger: .000 (0/1)
Hussey : .000 (0/1)
Kemp: .000 (0/1)
Torbert: .000 (0/2)
Corrente: .000 (0/2)
Rogers: .000 (0/2)
Martin: .000 (0/4)


This is the 3/5 time since 2015 the Cowboys are catching the Packers coming off of a 10-day rest.

The Packers gain 5.1 yards per first down play, the eighth-lowest in the NFL.

The Cowboys are tied with the Panthers and Texans for the 10th-lowest yards per first down play at 5.3.

In the first half of games, the Cowboys have run 35 times and passed 24 on first down. The rushes are tied for the third-most in the NFL.

The Cowboys’ 24 passes on first down in the first half are tied with New Orleans and San Francisco for the sixth-fewest in the NFL.

The Cowboys gain the most yards on average on second down with 7.9.

The Cowboys and Packers are tied with the Giants for the sixth-lowest yards to go on second down with 7.5.

Dallas has thrown on second down the eighth-highest times in the league with 56.

The Packers are tied for the ninth-most throws on second down with 55.

Green Bay running back Aaron Jones has the third-highest red zone rushing touchdowns in the league with four, higher than Ezekiel Elliott’s three.

Jones is tied for the sixth-highest broken tackles after receptions in the league with four.

Jones is tied for the fifth-highest second down conversions by rush in the NFL with nine.

Packers tight end Jimmy Graham and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten are tied for the second-most red zone touchdowns by tight ends with two.

Both of Witten’s touchdown catches came on first down, tying them for the fourth-most first down touchdowns in the league.

Packers receiver Davante Adams is tied for the fifth-most red zone targets in the NFL with six. However, he has just three catches for 20 yards to show for it.

Adams is tied for the fifth-highest third down conversion catches with seven.

Adams has the fourth-most first downs receiving with 20.

The Packers have the fourth-lowest opposing passer rating in the league at 73.2.

The Cowboys have the 10th-lowest opposing passer rating in the NFL at 86.1.

The Cowboys defense has the third-fewest tackles for loss with.

Green Bay’s defense is tied with Washington for the fourth-fewest tackles for loss with 13.

Dallas receiver Amari Cooper has caught all three of his red zone targets for touchdowns, tied for the fourth-most in the NFL.

Cooper is tied for the sixth-most drops in the league with three.

The Cowboys are 4-4 on Oct. 6. Here are the results:
1963 – @PHI, 21-24 – L
1968 – @CRD, 27-10 – W
1974 – MIN, 21-23 – L
1975 – @DET, 36-10 – W
1985 – @NYG, 30-29 – W
1991 – @GB, 20-17 – W
2002 – NYG, 17-21 – L
2013 – DEN, 48-51 – L

The Packers are 7-4 on Oct. 6. Here are the results:
1929 – CRD, 9-2 – W
1935 – PIT, 27-0 – W
1946 – RAM, 17-21 – L
1957 – DET, 14-24 – L
1963 – RAM, 42-10 – W
1968 – @ATL, 38-7 – W
1974 – BUF, 7-27 – L
1985 – DET, 43-10 – W
1991 – DAL, 17-20 – L
1996 – @CHI, 37-6 – W
2013 – DET, 22-9 – W

The Cowboys have four birthdays to celebrate on Oct. 6:
1928 – LB Wayne Hansen, 1960
1942 – LB Russell Wayt, 1965
1964 – OT Louis Cheek, 1990
1966 – K Ken Willis, 1990-91