By: Edward Egros


Updates to the Site

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In the coming weeks you will see a few minor design changes to Inside Sports Analytics. There are a couple of things we have done already. The first is we have added a lot of new photos to the Photo Album that features my journey covering the Dallas Cowboys, NASCAR, college sports, that Browns mascot, etc.

The other change is more of a Call to Action. We are always looking to promote good analytic research. Already we are including
QuantCoach, a site devoted to analytics in NFL coaching. If there is a series of white papers, blog, anything you would like for us to include in our Resources page, please send me an email under Contact Edward or send me a tweet @EdwardEgrosFox4.

Thanks again for visiting Inside Sports Analytics! We'll return to journalism in our next post!

An Upgrade to Inside Sports Analytics

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This week we made some tweaks to the website. Some of them are literally tweaks, like adding my Instagram photos to the sidebar of the "Photo Album" pages (it's edwardegrosfox4 if you would like to follow me). My LinkedIn page is also available in the sidebar of the "About" page.

But the most exciting addition is the "
Journalism" page. Occasionally I submit sports analytic reports for Fox 4 in Dallas, the TV station for which I am the Weekend Sports Anchor. These stories are available on our station's YouTube page, and now, on this website. These stories focus on athletes and teams in north Texas but it can include major events and tournaments; it also uses the same quantitative tools the blog and podcast does.

As always if you would like to offer feedback or ask questions, please contact me through social media or by using the "
Contact Edward" page.