By: Edward Egros

Links to Resources

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Fuzzy Red Panda helps me with my data visualizations for Dallas Cowboys games, both analytics within the game and postgame recaps. They offer visualizations for sports teams as well as media outlets. To learn more about what services they provide, click here.

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Much of the statistical computing conducted for this website uses R. It’s an open-source software that can calculate even the most complicated of analyses. The community support available also makes it easier to learn. To download R, click here.

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For basic data visualizations, offers a wide variety of services including charts, presentations and dashboards. Depending upon your needs, it can take it multiple databases, even a basic data entry. To learn more, click here.

Links to Other Analytical Research

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QuantCoach is a website devoted to the analytics of NFL coaching. It uses statistics to explain play design, uniquely rank teams based upon execution, forecasts games and seasons, etc. To go to this website, click here.