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Thank you for visiting! I’m Edward Egros and I’m a television sports reporter and anchor with Fox 4 in Dallas and a sports analytics enthusiast. While my work in television has always involved telling meaningful stories about athletes and teams, this Website enhances this same mission but through a different approach: by incorporating sports analytics into journalism.

In analytics, the data scientist either infers or forecasts. Sports provide a multitude of opportunities to use quantitative tools to discover current trends and determine the outcomes of a game, series, tournament, etc. The goal of this Website is to share researched ideas in the same way a journalist would deliver a compelling story: accurately, creatively and in an intriguing way.

I earned my undergraduate degrees in journalism and economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas (where I am based). I also earned my Master's degree in predictive analytics from Northwestern University. Outside of my professional work, I enjoy traveling, a good adventure and a delicious iced coffee.

If you wish to reach out to me, feel free to submit a form via contact page or contact me using my social media accounts, listed below.
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Twitter: @EdwardEgrosFox4
Facebook: Edward Egros

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